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One of the most popular uses of taking square roots is finding the dimensions of a square given the area. We are going to apply our knowledge of taking square roots and irrational numbers to different baseball diamonds and compare the differences between little league and professional diamonds.
Most people know that the dimensions of a regulation-sized baseball diamond are 90 ft. by 90 ft. This means that the area is 8100 square feet because 90×90=8100, or the square root of 8100 is 90. If we were to work backwards and say that we had 8100 square feet for a baseball diamond, we could take the square root of 8100 to find the dimensions.
For a little league baseball diamond, the dimensions are a little different. The area of a little league diamond is 3600 square feet. What are the dimensions?
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Why Do I Need to Know Square Roots?

The answer is that you need algebra in any occupation that requires higher education, such as computer science, electronics, engineering, medicine (doctors), trade, commerce analysts, ALL scientists, etc. In short, if someone is even considering higher education, they should study algebra. You also need algebra to take your Keystones and SAT test.

Square roots can be used to find the side length of a square garden when you know its area.

Mrs. Stockdale wants to plant a square garden of wildflowers. She has enough wildflower seeds to cover 19 ft2. Estimate to the nearest tenth the side length of a square with an area of 19 ft2.

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Today's Challenge

Warm Ups

Fill in the definitions of rational and irrational numbers on your warm up sheet.

First Base

Complete the table of square roots.

Second Base

Complete the Problems sheet.

Third Base

Complete Simplifying Square Roots sheet.

Home Run

Complete the Graphing Rational and Irrational Numbers sheet.

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