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The Research

Marzano recently divided 85 educators into two groups: One taught a lesson to students using interactive whiteboards and the other taught the same lesson using standard, more traditional tools. His data was undeniable:
  • Of those classrooms employing the boards and using the voting technology, there was an immediate increase of 17 percent in scores.
  • He also found that if a teacher had been given 20-30 months to hone his or her skills, there was an average 20 percentile gain.
  • The sweet spot, he says -- the perfect storm of student achievement, according to his findings -- was when a teacher was trained to use the technology, had used it for two years, and did so 75 percent of the time. That profile shows a whopping 29 percentile gain in scores.
But he warns that there is such a thing as too much technology. Marzano told the audience that beyond this sweet spot, dragons await in the form of diminishing returns in improved student scores, thus proving, he adds, that you clearly "can't take the human being out of teaching."

The Resources

Interactive Cheat Sheet!

Animoto for Educators

Brain Games

pHET Interactives for Middle School

Arts Tools
Crayola Digi-Colour
EDSITEment Interactives
Imagination Cubed
Lite version too for netbooks and less powerful computers)
This is Sand
Utah Arts Tools

Free Resources

ELA Tools
Interactive Raven
Learnzillion ELA
ReadWriteThink Interactives
Utah ELA Interactives

Math Tools
Algebra Interactives from NCTM
Demonstrate Coordinates
Geometric Progressions
Kahn Academy Algebra
Learnzillion 8th Grade Math
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Online Chart Tool
Show the Coordinates
Utah Math Interactives

Physical Education/Health Tools
Baseball Simulations Click on Exhibits
Utah Health Interactives
Review Tools
Game Creation Sites

Science Tools
3D Toad NOT just toads!
Cells Alive!
Games, Sims and Virtual Labs
Interactive body
Science Netlinks Interactive Tools
Utah Science Interactives

Social Studies Tools
DocsTeach Interactives
EDSITEment Interactives
History in Motion
Living Room Candidate
Science and Technology of WWII
Send a Coded Message
Utah SS Interactives

Technology Tools
Utah Technology Interactives

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