These are webpages that have been recommended by teachers like you!

K-2 Stories, Songs, Games
There is a free version and paid version.

Preschool Website :)
This is a great site for behavior charts and chore charts. Children are given an online cat which they are able to earn online money to by clothes and play games. Best of all its free!!!!!!!!!!
This site has many themed printables and activites which go along with popular children's books.
Offers alot of great resources including free printable PECS pictures.
Has alot of good visuals for sight words and letter recognition posters as well as math related activities for young students. It is a membership only site, but they offer alot of free printables as well.
Includes great ideas for classroom managment as well as great suggestions for other helpful websites.

These websites were recommended by educators in the Spring 2008 DI Course offered at IU 29:
This is a great web site for Family and Consumer Science teachers. Not only does it give great idease for lesson plans, mnay (but not all) provide ideas for differentiated instruction for the plan given.
I know this one was listed in the information about this course, but I did not find the F&CS section until I did another search. It is terrific with lesson plans, information sites and interactive games. I love it!

Social Studies Central. Although the title seems like it would only be for Social Studies teachers it actually contains great information that all teachers can use in their classroom. It was very organized and easy to use.

Tools for Differentiated Instruction Using Technology. I liked this website because I try to incorporate technology into my classroom as much as possible and it had great ideas for all subjects and grade levels.

I like to incorporate the internet for my social studies and science units. Here is one that I use for my farming unit. Students have the option of creating a report or a poster with the information they find on

We recently had some inservice training on a great resource for all to use. It is called This website has a variety of dvds, videos, etc., for all levels and all subject areas.

One website I use is The Kindergarten Connection ( There are lots of great ideas for primary level teachers, and many ways to integrate a number of lessons across the curriculum. I also use Discovery Education (, which is sponsored by the Discovery Channel and is great for all grade levels, especially with hands-on activities, experiments, etc. contains many good lesson plans and lots of hands-on activities. You can browse the lesson plans by subject, and it also has subgroups of specific topics in each subject. This website also has links to other online education websites and includes a question archive with responses. has a massive index of educational materials for those who are members. There are also plenty of free materials for non-members to use. This is a great site for worksheets, diagrams, and information on a wide range of topics. - I have used this site several times this year to review concepts covered in science. It provides some great interactive games and reviews. This site can also be used for other subjects. - This site has videos on almost every topic imaginable. Included with some videos are lesson plans, worksheets and quizzes. You can access videos according to standards, grade level, subject, etc. Also you can play video segments if you do not wish to watch the entire video. I highly recommend this site.

The website I use almost weekly to supplement my lessons as a means of differentiated instruction is You can find almost any lesson on there for your appropriate grade level. I highly recommend this website also. I also like to use This is a very good website for elementary students. Students can read fiction and non-fiction and there are also phonics videos for alphabet and vowel sounds. This website is similar to united streaming, you can find videos to go with various lessons. I think United Streaming is more user friendly because the videos are rated and they tell you the specific grade level it is geared toward.
This website offers a basic understanding of what DI is. It also gives ideas on how to use DI in your classroom. I particularly like this article because it gives brief accurate descriptions of each item the website explores.
I like this website because it has all the education basics. It has links for quick references to blooms taxonomy and examples of different tips for your classroom. The website looks overwhelming at first but I like the different examples this gives.

Two websites that I use often are and They both offer many ideas and reproducibles for all content area classes.

SCIENCE SITES This site allows teachers to explore many avenues of space exploration. The site also updates during launches of the shuttle fleet and from time to time provides streaming video.

The second site is This site is phenomenal and I used it a lot when I did a project called science in the news. It keeps kids on top of the world of science and how things are constantly changing around them. It also allows teachers an opportunity to look for articles relating to the subject matter they are teaching at that particular time.

Hope these websites can be helpful to those of you who teach science at the core level or even those who are looking to add science into a lesson for cross curricular lessons.