Eastern Educational Research Association
2013 Conference
The Effects of Utilizing Blended Schools © in an Alternative Education School
Evelyn Wassel, Ed.D.

How does a blended learning environment affect attendance at an alternative school?

This study has significance to other educators because it is the only program employing Blended Schools © for alternative education in a brick-and-mortar school. Blended Schools © gives the students the experience on a computer and lets them develop computer skills that they might not normally get that their home school. It offers more modes of acquisition such as videos, virtual tours and virtual labs that can meet the needs of a visual learners and audio clips and recorded media to meet the needs of audial learners. Allowing students to work at their own pace with additional time for review is extremely beneficial to this population that may be at a significantly lower skill level than their peers. Other institutions can apply this model using Blended Schools© or any other online curriculum in place.

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