Once Upon a SMART Board

Peoplegraph Activity

On a scale of 1-10 (1 = Strongly Disagree and 10 = Strongly Agree) that the video shows a strategic use of technology that engages students in higher order thinking. Please place yourself along the wall in the appropriate spot and discuss with your colleagues the reasons for your position. We will then share your thoughts with the whole group. Do you want to change your position?

SMART Notebook software toolbar

What is InkAware?

Review questions: Ink Aware
1 Describe the function of each of the buttons on the Ink Aware toolbar in Microsoft Word software.
2 Describe how to insert digital ink as text into a selected cell of an Excel spreadsheet.
3 Describe how to save writing on a PowerPoint slide into SMART Notebook software.
4 Describe how you would save your notes and drawings to a PowerPoint slide.

Object Drop-down Menu

Hide and Reveal Activities

Recognition - Handwriting and Shape

Using Gestures

Best Content for Exploration

Design and Layout Best Practices

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