This page is for the Schuykill County CFF coaches to share ideas, ask questions and connect with colleagues in an effort to promote 21st Century learning in county schools.

Schuylkill County Cross District Collaboration Ideas

Please click above to add possible collaboration ideas or projects.

CFF Flip the Switch/Spotlight on CFF Days

Please list your date for the CFF public showcase here!

Pottsville Area High School--May 15, 2009, a.m.

Registration for School Visits:

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Possible Dates:
4/8 p.m.
4/20 p.m.
4/22 Pottsville Area High School (a.m.)
4/23 p.m.
4/30 - North Schuylkill (preferably am)

Please check the file below to see if your chosen date is still available.

Making Connections...

Please post any ideas for connecting teachers across the districts here.

Ex. John Smith - Shenandoah Valley - Looking for a collaborator for "A Tale of Two Cities"

Other coaches can share the info with teachers in his/her district.

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Next meeting date:

May 1, 2009 at Maroon's.
12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Lunch will be served at noon!


Contact Information:
Evelyn Wassel
Technology Integration Mentor
570-544-9131 Ext. 1214
Skype: evelyn.wassel

Wikispace on the new Bloom's taxonomy and technology. It gives you ideas of how to incorporate different technology tools into the currivulum to enhance learning to meet the higher levels.'s+and+ICT+tools