April 22, 2010

STEM Council Meeting

What is STEM Activity?

What is STEM Education?
STEM refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
STEM initiatives started as a way to promote education in these related areas so that
students would be prepared to study STEM fields in college and pursue STEM-related
careers. Schools with a strong emphasis on STEM education often integrate science,
technology, engineering, and mathematics into the entire curriculum.


Technology eduation (a/k/a Shop) is not getting the emphasis it needs. Physics
and other sciences are suffering because students do not have the basic skills like
measuring. Integration is the key - K-12.
Inquiry activities can promote this - Not cookie-cutter chemistry.

Teaching these together may increase motivation for students. It will
increase relevance. If students know how they will use the information in
classes for higher level courses they will have a reason for studying it.

Integration needs to be K-12 therefore discussion are necessary for teachers
across every level in every subject. It has to start with one discussion and
branch out from there.

Why STEM Education is Important
Students need an education with a solid foundation in STEM areas so that they are prepared to
both work and live in the 21st Century. Since the 1960s, the demand for skills has changed
significantly - the demand for routine manual task skills have decreased while the demand for
non-routine interactive tasks have increased significantly. Workforce projections for 2014 by
the U.S. Department of Labor show
that 15 of the 20 fastest growing occupations require
significant science or mathematics training to successfully compete for a job. According to the
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional information
technology (IT) jobs will increase 24%
between 2006 and 2016. However, as jobs requiring a solid background in science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics are growing – more students are choosing not to major
in these areas.

Facilitate a STEM "fair"
Develop website (Resources, updates, contact us)
Explore New Worlds
Recommend collaboration opportunites across grade levels.

Group Activity

Use the websites below to formulate ideas to increase membership in the STEM Council and
promote STEM Activities in the schools:

Why So Few? Women in STEM?

external image pdf.png [[file/view/whysofew.pdf|whysofew.pdf]]

PA's STEM Report Card


STEM Report


Building a STEM Agenda


What it Takes:
Pre-K-12 Design Principles to Broaden Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics



Post your ideas here: