The following is a list of resources and comments regarding the use of iPod Touch in the classroom. Feel free to post your own comments here.

iPod touch
iPod touch

Principals use it for walk-throughs. Instructions for app below.

Pictures of iTouches being used in an educational setting. Contact information is below as well if you would like additional details.

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Michael Pauling
Southern Lehigh
MS Technology Coach
(610) 282-3700 ext 6596

Discussion regarding iTouches from K-12 Online Conference.

Conference discussion

More contacts:

North Hills School District (contact is Jeff Taylor is using a classroom set of Touch(es?) to do a "textbook-free" biology class. In reality, they also use laptops and other resources, but it is a pretty cool application.

StudyWiz has an excellent Content/Learning Management System (comparable/better than BlackBoard or Moodle) that has a whole component built in for the iPhone/Touch.
Henry Patel (based in NJ) Office: (732) 448-0779 or Mobile:(908) 635-1537

Jerry Chessman is using them with teachers in his district.

Thoughts from Jim Gates:

For MY money - I wouldn't buy them. I own one, and there are many issues with them that you can't solve. One - typing on them is very slow, so you can't use them for activities that involve much text. Two, even if you did type something, getting it OFF the ipod touch would be tricky at best. Another issue is that it can't do flash, thus eliminating lots of things that even a netbook could do.

My opinion, worth every penny that you're paying for it :), is that a netboook is just a little bit more money and is a LOT more flexible. It's a fine personal tool, but a forced fit for schools.

Other Resources

Apple Learning interchange
Tony Vincent Learning in Hand
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